Spring sprang

Now that it is spring again we count our days and years and blessings.  If we had a way to stop the process of time, when exactly would we halt it?  

These are the glorious days of almond trees in bloom, like the one across the Public School, and of daffodils soon to come up, and tulip trees in Central Park, but stopping now would make us miss the explosion of cherry blossoms along the Hudson River Park, only a couple of weeks away.

Etcetera, etcetera — you get it: there is no moment to stop and say with Goethe, “Verweile, Augenblick, Du bist so schoen” (stay, moment, for you are so beautiful!).

Am I too audacious to propose that our very inability to define such a moment, or agree on it amongst ourselves, has contributed significantly to the speed with which the time rushes by?

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  1. I think the nostalgia bug has hit us all.I am tiryng to get back into the groove as well. I realize that that community we shared is probably gone, so I am not writing for others rather for myself (way back when I was probably doing it both for myself and the community). Yet you never know what new community may arise. Many of us are still in touch (mostly through the apathy producer medium of FB) and there is still some love and support going round.I have been toying with the idea of writing an article about that community. If it comes to fruition, I will probably be asking for interviews .By the way, I am very happy that you have moved on to your second dream job. I look forward to following the progress of your project, especially as I will be starting to teach a course on Contemporary Latin America.

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