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I started this website since nowadays one needs a presence to be present, and physical presence is no longer sufficient to be seen in this nebulous virtual space. So think of it as a bullhorn, as an amplification, as a mic check.

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The Wheel

I’ve been obsessed, lately, about the invention of the wheel. Was it a disruptive, transformative event, or a gradual process? It is difficult to come up with a gradual process going from non-wheel to wheel. After all, the concept of the axle is an unforeseen event of courage.


The Peacock stands in one of the innumerable courtyards of the Summer Palace. “Peacock” in Chinese symbolizes long life and infinity and happiness and all other things uplifting and positive. The Peacock appears to have the habit of seeking to escape; how else can we explain the tight fence around it, not even allowing wings … Continue reading

The Wall

. I was in China recently, close to the Great Wall. The building of the Wall, gigantic in scope, costed innumerable lives and suffering, and was in the end futile since the Mongols took over Beijing and started a new dynasty. This made me think of other futile projects, the Wall in Berlin, which was … Continue reading


. The word for horse in Greek has the literal meaning “Illogical.” I have searched the internet for the etymology of this name but found no answer. This name is illogical in itself, on the next level, since there is no possible reason to call a horse “illogical” except from the point of view of … Continue reading


. . The actors: God, Assistant God, Messenger. [God and Assistant God are casually dressed but both wear a cardboard halo that flaps when they move their heads as it is supported by a single spoke. The Messenger wears a uniform that shows rudiments of golden wings in the area of the shoulder blades. God … Continue reading


. 1. In the hills of that country, animals the size of your thumbnail used to sit on the branches of elm trees and sing. … 2. Herb made a fast, determined movement with his left hand – he was left-handed from birth, or as long as he could remember – and the little green … Continue reading

Rock Art

. Five thousand years from now, the people that are left on this earth will admire the grace and delicacy with which horses were rendered in acryl on hexagonal tilings — the medium of the day — not far from the ruins that once were the Towers of Trump on the Island of Man-Hattan, an … Continue reading


. It often seems to me that the sheer uniqueness of our existence, its frailty, and the uncertainty of my own survival beyond the span of a few years would call for outbursts of celebration, outbursts of a different sort than the ones coming from me. Instead, I’m spending my time with myopic affairs. This … Continue reading

Amish Air

. I found this image on the internet by accident, by entering “Screeching halt” into Google. The image in fact shows the very opposite: a horse determined to take off despite the lack of purchase on thin air. Amish horses will stop at nothing. They speak a hilarious mixture of Dutch and German, punctuated by … Continue reading

Gravitational Waves

. The whole space shivers — how can we maintain our composure, thinking of our whole body contracting and dilating every which way by a fraction of the diameter of a proton? Not that we or our friends would notice it, but it is the idea that counts: that our very dimensions are changed by … Continue reading