The White House

In going on the record saying I would not put my foot in the White House as long as Trump, Pence, Ryan will occupy it I exercised my right of free speech.  I’m somewhat troubled by the comments I received, which called me a hero for saying this.  What this seems to indicate is that there is the perception I put myself at risk.

Now really, have we reached this state of affairs where we must live in fear of reprimands from this preposterous potentate and his underlings?  Only in some African countries, in Russia, and in China would I have to fear the wrath of people in power.  Absolute monarchies used to put the rights of people in the hands of a sovereign.  Are we back to this?

In Germany, part of the reason why control by the state was so effective in the Third Reich is that people would not speak up, having been brought up to respect authorities no matter what.  We cannot let this happen here.

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