The Naked Mole Rat

These animals have a Queen, the only one with the right to reproduce. The Queen has a harem of several males. There are workers and soldiers, too. The workers are divided into diggers, and movers, and vulcanizers.  Any of the workers and soldiers can become a Queen or part of the harem.  It is never too late.  

The animals in their nocturnal habitat in the earth spend much of their timer digging new tunnels.  The diggers are at the forefront, facing the earth itself, the harsh reality of it.  The movers just move the dirt along.  The vulcanizers accept the earth of the movers and propel it vertically, so that it heaps up outside in the shape of a little volcano.

“Nacktmull” by Roman Klementschitz, Wien – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via ktmull.jpg

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