Talking Dogs

This is anecdotal.  Still.  Think of the significance!

A friend told me yesterday that he knows somebody who lives on the Upper West Side whose dog passed away.  

Rather than being content with this as a fact of life, sad as it is, he asked a South Korean entrepreneur to clone the dog for him.  

The sum agreed on was $100,000.  The Korean also agreed to insert a human gene responsible for vocalization, something all dogs lack even though they all seem close to it.  

We are now talking about the two sucessful clones who now live on the Upper West Side, filling the gap that the deceased left behind in the owner’s heart.  My friend had an opportunity to meet the dogs.  

“Watch this,” the dog owner tells my friend as he crouches down, facing the dogs.  He looks them into the eyes and starts whistling and talking to them.

“You should have seen them!  I was standing right there.  They started to make these sounds, as I’ve never seen a dog make before, making eye contact, and clearly trying to imitate their master’s voice and intonations.”

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