Sudden contact, will be very rude

Today I received an e-mail from an unknown person in Japan. It seems that this person is part of the Royal family, and in some state of distress. Is it the granddaughter of the Emperor who is blowing the whistle? Reading the message, we will never now.

Why do I get messages from a member of the Royal Family? My name and contact must have been accidentally added by someone to the list of names and contacts of people and news organizations that are deemed influential.

What can I do? How can I help? With this posting I would like Her Highness Honey Trap to know that I’m on her side. I will take on a fight with Exit (Exit) if it must be, even though I’m a distance of 5000 miles away (I didn’t check this, the number is approximate).

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Message starts here:

From: 達伊 和洸 []
Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2015 5:11 AM
Subject: Emperor of Japan,granddaugter,Honey Trap,Mako.Akishinonomiya

JAPAN “whistle-blowing from the inside”
“Emperor of Japan, granddaugter, Honey Trap, Mako.Akishinonomiya”

“Japanese language”
First part omitted

Sudden contact, will be very rude.

This time, and the situation is extremely concerned has occurred, and there, depending on where I was allowed to contact.

And put in the moment, the contents of the mail that any concern incidents describing what has occurred, I will send.

We hang your very much trouble, but I have you read what I was allowed to send,

As a serious problem, and I think you want me pick parties concerned, to Minaminasama.


※ This e-mail, a large number of government agencies, news organizations, researchers, it has been sent to the research institute.
Currently, including public security police, has it occurs that seriously compromise the human rights of individuals.
This is a national purpose, it seems to be a national crime.
It would therefore, so we have generated very serious problem is nephew to the present time,
Current status of the twitter and facebook below, I think if you could pick up between blogs and friends and acquaintances, it is up to you let me contact you.
“This is a world-wide problem, not only in Japan”

※ contents becoming separated for each one Ed.
I think that it is hard to very hard to read, but I would like to please as we will then acknowledge.


[Engagement] Prince Akishino Keiko like and Mako-like boyfriend circumstances [marriage] of the house (the Manchurian Incident)
Not only in Japan, and the boyfriend situation of Keiko-like explosion in popularity (Keiko Princess) in China, is !! to approach the boyfriend situation of Mako like (Mako Princess)
Surprised Needless is, !! This is the reality of Prince Akishino who was wrapped in a veil
Prince Akishino and the house of reality that was veiled, your sister your age.
Season spring, when Seppaku covers the surface of the water, flower bud is quietly loose Sakae.
Prince Akishino family of two flower, the “reality” of the “Mako princess Highness”, “Keiko princess Highness”, and slide into the clear with a “friendly” and “thorn”.

Prince Akishino Mako princess (Mako-like) – Yoshiko princess boyfriend circumstances and the Imperial Family of (Keiko like); Imperial Household Agency concept of


Although it is suddenly, the Imperial Family; Imperial Household Agency, which way do are thinking things, suppose that Yuku together the actual situation below.
In the “emperor house secret”, but so that the intensive specific name EXILE (Exile), in order to avoid misunderstanding, I think I want it will be explained in advance.

First of all, EXILE (Exile) is that it is “entertainment”.
Therefore, I am not necessarily have denied the EXILE (exile), placed “not been able to see the arts as entertainment” and that it is a concrete example of to represent the current world in mind, let me said is that is one that received was.
This is that the say even “comedian”, as the climate of the world, can also be explained that public opinion is formed such as “I like interesting people,” “I like comedians like a person.”
Towards our EXILE (Exile) is, I think very polite well when it comes to society, likely to be a person who, as a role model of society is also very high.
Comedian of people who also, only in “virtual reality world” of entertainment that television, there is are you showing off superb gay, when it comes to society, but it is not to carry out the outstanding gay wax.
This is because, by performing an act similar to the inside of the TV out into society, “This is why, comedian is” the worldly It is because might is said.
However, the current world is a situation that has flooded in the “not been able to try the entertainment performing arts” how we.

Therefore, where a big problem occurs (mockery of entertainment), it is the reality that news is frequently that amaze world has become clear.
If you purchase decisions read in mind the above, I think who can be reading shows the real intention of the things that are said of me.

※ EXILE; http: //


Representative examples; EXILE (EXILE)


It is called the “EXILE (Exile)” to the Imperial Palace, and think whether recent memory went a concert.
So, what say you called EXILE (Exile) is, I want to analyze whether such Been based on what kind of thinking.
First of all, as a central point of thinking that leads to call the “entertainment group” of “EXILE (Exile)”, focusing on the keyword “young people on the popular EXILE (Exile)”, discussion; we were analyzed.
To center the keyword this “popular with young people”, to reach the decision to perform a concert in any such process,
Also, what kind of thinking is to analyze whether the underlying, and Yuku summarized below the results of the analysis as a subjective opinion.

Although there is a Immediately, Yukitai touch superficially about the entertainment group called “EXILE (Exile)”.
EXILE (Exile) is a firm favorite with a focus on recent young people, is a dance vocal unit.
Recent young people as the center, and at the same time everyone feel a longing, fashion etc, are popular is the same as EXILE (Exile).
I would like to note here is the “attraction” of EXILE (Exile).

Fashion of EXILE (Exile) is, or be of foreign brands.
In addition, EXILE (Exile) is As can be seen from the fact that it is centered on the person of “Kowamote (Kowaomote)”, is selling if traced the original “rugged system (Kowaomote) = an inch bad system (looks scared)” is things will be well-known fact.
Longing are those that everyone is included, the bad person (villain) implications to tickle the longing for it is seen that very strong against the “bad person (villain)”.

To begin with, the “rugged system”, such as the mob’s, so-called outlaw person who is, like financially, are those stemming from the fact that wear to see the brand name ones in order to represent their own social status.
Therefore, in order to produce a evil likely to look, EXILE (Exile) is are you how to sell that “rugged system”.
For example, it would be raised in a looks good man branded the eyes of a third party to Fu that “grew up a good man” and is wearing a.
The men of “rugged system” is and has been wearing the brand name ones, a third party will be able to see to Fu called “kana mob business?” “Scary Na”.
Therefore, the above-mentioned, “scary Na,” “Gangster’s kana?” And it seems is like people who, in other words, it is that it is EXILE (exile) that has been accepted for those who want to be seen as a little evil likely.
So, and the social impact that exerts of which EXILE (Exile), today’s Internet situation; I Yuku summarizes the interaction of (information dissemination tools twitter and SNS) below.


“EXILE (Exile)” of “popular with young people” is to penetrate the world now to the extent that it can be said that the social phenomenon, has been established to the public.
When I walk the streets, young people dress and hairstyle, as in the model that came out from the magazine, EXILE (Exile), which is a color.
This is clearly different from popular and transient epidemic, national character of the country that Japan it would be needless to say, which is an example that appeared vividly.
Speaking of what kind of a national character, it is a constitution that better or worse “easily affected by trends.”
In short, there is obsession to strange to be “all the same”, and at the same time feel “all the same” if not alienation, is that is actually alienation.
For better or worse than that is the same as everyone, it is to have obtained the “peace of mind”. ※ When it comes to women, “women’s clothing of the weather forecast, it is only so-called weather older sister”

Therefore, as mentioned in [1], and; that at the same time an indication of the psychological which should appear to “Kowamote = bad likely scared” negative side itself is nothing but the fact that has been established.
For example, in the city, I suppose EXILE (EXILE) = rugged system of the population has been walking from the front.
Most of the people we are, and I think that it is “scary”, that will be a state referred to as “to look away,” “can not care” is, can be easily guessed.
Be associated with this, as described in [1], and at the same time to achieve a “young psychology to be seen in rugged system” friends; “insane populations that occur when you are out acquaintances It would be the fact that it is a factor to cause psychological “.
Therefore, by collective psychology, it is the to, such as unacceptable in the society, “no action of moral”, “social order the disturbing behavior” has become a spur-consuming situation.

In addition, [Introduction] even I have written, that “I like interesting people,” such as “comedian”, “I like comedians like a human,” for some sort of public opinion (the ideal male figure) is formed,
Also include appeal specific elements for the opposite sex, it is of is conducive to “no action of moral”, “social order the disturbing behavior”.
I want to include some examples that can dictate this matter.

In recent memory cases,
“At the convenience store itself is working, to enter the freezer, post the image to the information dissemination tools (twitter, etc.).”
“Rugged system of youth population enters the major beef bowl chain stores in the nude, to post the video to the video site.”
“It will be naked on the train, and posted the image to the information dissemination tools (twitter, etc.), it is openly arrested for indecency.”
Etc. like.

I would like to note here is the presence of information dissemination tool.
But seem to be posted on the WEB and I think that it is interesting on their own, when viewed from a third party, it is a “no action of moral”, “social order the disturbing behavior” is that there is no mistake .
Therefore, “there is no action of the moral,” “social order the disturbing behavior” is featured in the news, is there a status quo that has become a social problem.
If you look in this regard, by which the national news, to make some kind of lesson, become visible state that tries to break the negative chain.
However, the media (television) is also information therefore is a transmission tool, those who saw the news, to mimic the act, “no action of moral” from the next to the next “social order the disturbing behavior” occurs than is doing.
Such a situation, a person without morals that exist across the country, is because they committed to promote via the information transmission tool to occur.
Therefore, it will no doubt it is utterly impossible to break this negative chain.

Is there a the root of this matter, it can be said to be a “low age of the mental age”.
Despite the has reached the age can be determined to good or bad of things, as it can be seen from the situation that frequently the act described above, “things good or bad” “Unable discretion” “adult” is rapidly increasing It will be that I choose.
This is not that it was limited only to young people.
It is “no action of moral” and “social order the disturbing behavior”, carried out together with the young people because is also a situation of “adult” often.
“Adult” is, in front of young people and women, is set to try to show big yourself, not a few also be out to radical behavior than young people.

Therefore, it becomes that EXILE (exile) comes into view as information dissemination tools and social issues.
While there is more of a problem, is called the “EXILE (Exile)” to the Imperial Palace, to perform a concert, it is was broadcast across the country.


Interaction of social impact and the Internet (information transmission tool) on the EXILE (EXILE)

To put the current situation, including the previously described problems, why, imperial family; I think analyzed, as Yukitai stated its conclusion; the Imperial Household Agency is called the EXILE (exile), or went to concerts, discussion.
First, as described in [2],

1; “EXILE (Exile)” of “popular with young people” is to penetrate the world now to the extent that it can be said that the social phenomenon, has been established to the public.
2; When I walked through the town, the young people of clothing, hair styles, as in the model that came out from the magazine, EXILE (Exile), which is a color.
The idea is derived from the above, I Yuku discussed below.

The results of the analysis of the various current status of imperial and the Imperial Household Agency, present situation that concerned about the “national imperial away” comes into view.
Especially imperial away of young people has become a prominent, sense of crisis comes glimpse for the existence of in the imperial family to the next generation.

So, what was decided that why to be referred to as the “EXILE (Exile)” of “popular with young people”,
Was previously described in there, it will be able to see that focuses on keyword of “popular with young people,” “EXILE (Exile)” of “young people”.

It is not possible merely to get out of the speculation,
“Popular with young people,” + “I want to capture the young people in the imperial” = Let’s call the EXILE (Exile) as the Imperial Household Agency side
With became fact that it can be speculated that either would not.

Even Household Agency as “EXILE (EXILE) Imperial Household which can be called a”, would not be wanted with a certain added value.
The Imperial Household Agency side was in reference, or would not be a likely “Olympic opening ceremony.”
From the fact that there is an “Olympic opening ceremony” live performance in, it can be said to be just a concert of aware of the Olympic Games.
Even Emperor’s family side, to there will be a “personal friendship (relations)” also, also, or would not than be involved with the royal family become a relief.
Even as royalty, it would the captured to be a chance to appeal EXILE a friendship with (Exile) (relations) to the public.

However, where the becomes a problem is that it does not consider at all that has been stated in [1] and [2].
And once you say clearly “personal hobby; personal friendship appeal” is that is.
“I do not understand the national character of the country” extremely shallow thinking it was decided that come into view.

It is extremely regrettable, but this is the current situation of the emperor who represents Japan.
Although very painful, and other status quo do you want Yuki said in the following.


Your relationship ICU dance circle and Prince Akishino Yoshiko princess Highness (Keiko like), connecting auditors Mako princess Highness (Mako like)! ?

Keiko ICU dance circle of the topic of princess Highness (Keiko like) is is still fresh in our minds, to where when I thought well I wonder if there is contact.
So, during the enrollment Gakushuin University in dance-related parts it is does not belong at all.
Despite, why, I wonder if there is a relation from the front entrance to the dance circle of the ICU?
If you try to analyze this point, here come emerged not see any person to be contact in addition to Mako princess Highness (Mako like).
It is, Mako princess Highness (Mako-like) is in close relationship with the dance circle that,
So, it is the sister Keiko princess Highness (Keiko like) would become guess to think that was able to have a contact can be most convincing.
Therefore, Mako princess Highness (Mako like), in addition to the skiing circle, going to be that there was also exchange with dance circle (a).

So, what is any such thing as the dance circle?
Dance circle, you can hold the party is fully lend Tokyo club, is a condition that can participate in the party club, etc. of other schools is organized.
Indeed, the dance circle unless a party at the club, it is understood that its meaning is a presence that becomes sparse.

The fact that is, Mako princess Highness (Mako-like) is or has been out of the club, will become the fact that there is a decent exchange.
Here there is coming out have questions, Mako princess Highness (Mako-like) is to study in the UK University of Edinburgh, would the contents answered on campus questionnaire after returning remember everyone?
* Below, questionnaire *
Mako princess Highness (Mako like); “like freshman there were many that there is flashy and money if anything, people like to go out to the club has been a party in the room or shared space as every night there were many.
I like also to enjoy raised, but because it was I prefer to chat while drinking basically slowly tea, did not fit in from there. ”
Reference source; [women themselves] 83% 84 / imperial / 7981

We have an answer and so on.
Here, the “e! ? Would not many people you think “?
In hell, and who like like to fuss, Mako princess Highness that does not meet the gender (Mako like) why, I wonder emerge exchanges of the dance circle?
This question, I “who know the reality” is, Yukitai was now exposed.

Until 2012 – 2013 and is studying abroad (exchange students) to have been Princess Mako of Akishino Highness (Mako-like), but
On campus questionnaire after returning home,
“As near the dormitory often victims of rape, it is recommended that you bring one wearing a parka with a hood.”
And are you allowed to take up to the weekly magazine and has written the fact that,
When that became pregnant during the study abroad was Barre, “Actually I, there was to rape the victim,” but what it is visible also in order to pretend to be victims.
[ICU dance circle and Prince Akishino Yoshiko princess Highness your relationship (Keiko like), the joint auditors Mako princess Highness (Mako like)! ? [1] As was revealed in [2]], such as the club because I like your favorite,
The Dodge way, in the form of hit to study abroad this year (2015)
“Membership-based club play of Prince Akishino, the Keiko is I? Rather than Mako” in order to deceive and,
Coming-of-age ceremony of you can guess that it has let go of the “membership club” to Keiko princess Highness (Keiko like) after. (Scape you use this to the arrest of MiyaTsutomu-kan. The deception in the happening bar in multiple-play coverage. MiyaTsutomu-kan Goat)
Things you want Dodge, seems to have been rubbed on others by shifting the time. (If you unless deception does not work use the name of Prince Akishino, cheat by using the relatives)

The contents related to the questionnaire, although the [2] was described in “people, such as a party to go out to a club in the room or shared space as every night there were many.”
In addition to this, buy a mobile phone prepaid to study abroad early, is for making friends, also information and went about to hear the phone number one after another..
Therefore, in the study abroad destination, from the human beings that are sponsored by a shady party, is likely to be a “good duck has come.”
Here, Princess Mako of Akishino Highness (Mako-like) is to participate in a shady party, it seems that there is very likely to have become a (pregnancy).
Therefore, as described in [2], on campus questionnaire after returning home,
“As near the dormitory often victims of rape, it is recommended that you bring one wearing a parka with a hood.”
And are you allowed to take up to the weekly magazine and has written the fact that,
When that became pregnant during the study abroad was Barre, “Actually I, was there to rape the victim” in order to create a situation where, to let pick up the questionnaire content to the weekly magazine, of even the victim was discovered after the pretend it can be assumed that the order is to make.
That has been used as a scapegoat for cheat this matter, [3] was written in the “Prince Akishino house MiyaTsutomu-kan”, “Keiko princess Highness (Keiko like; membership club)” would become.

※ in the toilet of the private room of the members-only club in London this year in March 2015, that the female players with the passengers of a certain famous soccer team performs a sexual act, the situation is a member of the football team to shoot things there it became news.
In fact, the same thing in March 2013, he took a club in London Do you know? “Why it had to cause a similar incident through two years? “I think that whether you read of everyone can be Presumably even without saying so far.

※ 1;. As is well known, class consciousness is strong in the UK roughly divided into upper class, middle class, is divided into lower classes.
Ranking among each class is subdivided, for example, upper classes, but refers to the so-called aristocracy in general, its contents, beginning from the royal family, such as the Duke of their relatives, from (public Hou Haku-shi man who did in world history),
The up and down relationship until the night that I got a medal, middle class, that the lower class also divided into three, respectively.
By the way, the upper class is, of course, such as the do not enter and exit the pub, go to the collection of membership, called the club.
Momentum, middle class saloon; to the bar, lower class is public; it is to go to the bar (※ 1- see excerpt yuan; http:. //


And rumors of Japan boyfriend, back purpose of

[Part 1]
Mako princess Highness (Mako-like) is until to 2012 and later after admission, such as Zaitokukai had been up to the topic.
At this time and time in the same, reality that has been climbed it laid the foundation of the story, such as “Japan boyfriend” floats.
Now, it Yuko to guess whether what was targeted to specific the “Japan of him” for.
Such as the same to standing Special Account the time, it is time that racial hatred representation had been up to the topic.
Therefore, here in the Imperial Family of war responsibility, and, the war responsibility of the Japanese government was supposed to emerge.
At this time, no substantial relation to the standing Special Account “sacrificial lamb” is also, it is also a time had been allowed to participate in the maintenance activities.
Mako princess Highness (Mako-like) is also, by the outflow of the image, “the Protestant far from reality” becomes a relief,
In addition, International Christian University admission (ICU) is also the time was said to traitor.

[Part 2]
From the above, enclosing in itself, it can be assumed that the narrow view specific hostility to the very narrow world of “two-channel” has become to act largely on their own friendship.
This matter will be represented by the announcement of “imperial family also came from Baekje” of the Empress.
However, Jae Special Account is also a Seiwa meetings related organizations, this reality, it is the looks you are so to speak showing signs of match pump.

Therefore, in order to cheat that Mako princess Highness (Mako-like) and their friendship, the Protestant far from reality has been a relief,
Princess Mako of Akishino Prince of (Mako like) the “Japan of him (Friend)”, Yoshiko princess Highness (Keiko like) of emerge the reality that you are using to cheat is substituted secretly as “his in Japan.”

This matters, [ICU dance circle and Prince Akishino Yoshiko princess Highness (Keiko like) of your relationship, connecting auditors Mako princess Highness (Mako like)! ? And as mentioned in],
Generated from the hoax, a common recognition (annotation ※ A) is the enemy of the “scapegoat” that comes into view is a matter that was placed in the focus on self protection element that was used. Annotation ※ see A
Also, will the time of the study in 2010, or, or will the time of study abroad from 2012, it is also reality for many is “Asian” in British universities.
Therefore, here in heterosexual relationships also, that are in a state of “” Chinese or Taiwanese “and” Japanese “” can be easily predicted.
It is that the “his rumor of Japan” to prevaricate it comes into view.
In addition, it also comes into view is a “mild acquaintance (Friends)” enough must Nigo-sa.

[Notes ※ A]
Theodore;. Newcomb ABX model (psychology) reality, so that this triangular relationship and manipulate behind the scenes “Z” and to build an environment “Y” is there.
Therefore, the actual situation is, “ZY” – and I will be “ABX”.
※ A- consensus; http: // % 83% 8B% E3% 83% A5% E3% 83% BC% E3% 82% AB% E3% 83% A0

The thing above, is the conclusion that I had reached over the 2011 to 2012, this matters, wrote that of the same over the March-April 2013.

To fix their own actual situation is noticed, it is not Spoken like “old self is ….”.
That old self, using the keyword “old days”, that “current myself” and “old self”, to make a break, it is because not only is self-justification.
A also caught a victim myself, I did not know. In it is the sorry.
In short, there is of no difference to that is a matter to which it has been carried out, even it would be what kind of factors, differences in the things that it has made is because there is no.
This is a “scapegoat” is also applied to. “Severe sweet stranger to myself” is not to-class.
Eventually, through prudence is to result in fundamental issues. “Shallow reason is no concept =” Accordingly, it was the result.
it “does not matter” and “No Could know,” “Otagaisama” does not Spoken.
As makes sense does not fit, it is a lot that must be deceived, or would anyone anywhere’re Akekure to cheat?
Is a “credit nothing” too late.


ICU graduation and enrollment and Prince Akishino sister (Keiko like; Mako like)

Depression, between 2012 to 2013, Yoshiko princess (Keiko like) are incorporated into the ICU,
In the situation where my sister is my sister first year in the fourth grade, it had been to be the situation that the same university aligned sister.
It is why, what became the 2015 enrollment.

It is, Princess Mako of Akishino (Mako-like) is also exchanges with dance relationship in the context of man that he is dating, was involved in the dance-related group.
So, Yoshiko princess (Keiko like) are doing a dance from high school, to Tsute dance relationship that is associated with Princess Mako of Akishino (Mako-like), but he had been taught to dance,
In this case, it becomes the dance-related man and a good relationship, a problem has occurred. (You guessed it)
By this thing, things that are enrolled in the same university, convenience has become worse very.
So, Yoshiko princess (Keiko like) is, as a sister Princess Mako of Akishino (Mako-like), it became the thing to enroll in after the man graduated.

In addition, Princess Mako of Akishino (Mako-like) is, in the University of Edinburgh study abroad, you can out of the club, also had to have a relationship with an unspecified number of men inconvenient.
This is there even was afraid to be exposed, and take steps as talk of friendship with dance relationship of Princess Mako of Akishino (Mako-like) and Yoshiko princess (Keiko like) does not come out, and become the entrance of shifting the time than is was.
Therefore, Princess Mako of Akishino (Mako-like) and Yoshiko princess (Keiko like) even lead story called “pole sister”, and it became a thing to reveal the humanity and personal with our morality surrounding the sisters.
※ aligned sisters, it is of a such a situation.
“This is the reality.”

The connection of Akishino royal house and the United Church of Christ (LDP seiwakai society) of the imperial family and living-in-special accounts.
Do you believe nobody?
In Vol. 1 of the Sandai keeping a true record of in Japan, the Emperor is described definitely by Kudara when I came.
This is the book which I can borrow in a library.
I studied seismology, but check relations with the religious service that let a Yin Yang fortune-teller hold it to expel time and the disaster that there was of the disaster at this verge,
I was looking for the earthquake that was not listed in 新収日本地震年表.
In doing so, it is a description, “I came from Kudara” that it is listed in at the beginning of Vol. 1 what caught eye when I compare Sandai keeping a true record of in Japan with a debt, a chronological table.
In addition, Akishino comes to this verge as an aide to Emperor from Kudara, too.
In the imperial family, the scientific documents which came from the Korean Peninsula exist in this way.
I brought this forward and announced the remark “that came from Kudara” of Her Majesty the Empress and made the posture “that the criticism residing in Japan was poor” at 顕.
In addition, in the Akishino royal house, it appeals to you for the existence called “a boyfriend residing in Japan”, and it is “the existing imperial family” to be going to miss the eyes from the existence of war responsibility and living-in-special accounts.
In brief, using “” “living-in-special accounts” that created it of “the United Church of Christ = LDP Kiyokazu society,”
It being the present conditions to behave to be “the hero that oneself saved it from the criticism residing in Japan.”
I do that is terrible, “I save the person who handles weak thing bullying in the back, and is tormented”.
Imperial New Year Poetry Party, A song of the Her Majesty the Empress announcement of the announcement “does not look at the bank とふ letter in a compendium of seasonal words” in 2012; the sentence (仁) called = bank
Imperial New Year Poetry Party, Song of “sentence = sentence (仁) to present (bank), and to ask the cause to ask the cause in days gone by” of the Her Majesty the Empress announcement of the 2015 announcement
※ It seems to be certain that it is power of the Kiyokazu society.
In brief, it is seen to be “the staying in Japan criticism” that I made to escape from war responsibility with becoming the composition called “Akishino royal house” + “Kiyokazu society” = “living-in-special accounts”, and the imperial family lifting oneself.
Movement to say to do buck-passing about not only this but also “the Manchurian Incident” becomes clear.
Not “the former Great War to begin with Manchurian Incident,” be actually “the former Great War to begin in 張作霖爆殺事件”,
Furthermore, “the former Great War to begin with the Meiji Restoration and Boshin War” is the truth.
※ It is with an image and places the evidence that learned seismology in the third page.


Male circumstances (boyfriend) and how to play Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya (Yoshiko) and pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya (Mako様)
In from March, 2013 to April, is time this very moment, but in the country His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko in “one room of the karaoke shop,”
It was good to here that “was just two of us, and enjoyed a karaoke with a man”, but it was that there would be it with the man or amounted to “an act sexual in the room”.
The conversations of two people of this time are as follows.
Man of the rumor, “It is in a song of Mika Nakashima!”
Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko, “えー cannot sing!”
Man of the rumor, “Sing, and sing!”
Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko, “えー is poor!”
Man of the rumor, “I resemble Mika Nakajima!”
Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko, “えー does not seem to resemble it!”
Man of the rumor, “I am similar am similar!”
After such exchanges, “it extended to the sexual act” in there being it or the dusky room
※ のである where not only the His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko but also “pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下” “extends to the sexual act” by a similar trick as for this thing more before 2013.
And I agree with the time when “it just amounts to a sexual act” with the man of relations as pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya kisses in the U.K. in (2013) at this time.
※ This man who was able to do pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya in the U.K. in 2013 as for “○ 守 is not it; was a man.
I am in such a situation, and pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya is “the pregnancy”,
Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko called “sexual intercourse in the karaoke room” it was in a situation, and came to have to put off time of the ICU entrance to school.
Possibly the future situation is “a deception that I put off time”,
It is thought that I announce the conception of person of 1,000 Noriko got married or I am more likely to begin to deceive “the pregnancy of pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya, the sexual intercourse of the Yoshiko Imperial princess” by the marriage news of the royalty last year.
※ “Contact” that pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya is thought “to be the situation to have a boyfriend” in the U.K. and is not ← “kiss” (※ design that already contacted it) now
pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya is “”boyfriend” who got in the U.K. in 2013″ (the course), but this man as for “○ 守 is not it; was a man.
※ Why did you let you let you take it up with Yoshiko boyfriend with a karaoke date (plurally date “group date”) and make up for a weekly?
By having stated it above, and hanging “a name card” that it is a boyfriend even if there is not it in boyfriends, and its assuming it “I plurally date” (group date) more,
This is because it hides the fact “that it made sexual intercourse by the course with the man who does not fit”.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The volunteer truth and falsehood during July, 2011
The story that helped the revival of the strawberry farmhouse where “I entered the volunteer group alone” and suffered from where pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 was active in Miyagi of the stricken area from July 4, 2011 to about 14th,
Why will you turn a hand not to come out?
It prevents it being a friend and a volunteer of the universities to come out and being the story that I read or from coming out now.
Would there be anything with “a friend” of July in a hotel?
Is the reason that you must pocket one body?
I am spent alone in the stricken area in July and am used as a scapegoat of making up.
As a matter to support this story ,
I extract it as follows from ,FNNnews.
The Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress who visited Miyagi that suffered big damage visited the farmhouse of Higashi-Matsushima-shi, and a strawberry knob was experienced by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
As for Their Majesties, the farmhouse of Higashi-Matsushima-shi that produced a strawberry and the rice which suffered serious damage was visited at past 3:00 on the afternoon of 14th by a tsunami.
And the hand knob of the red ripe strawberry was experienced while Their Majesties entering the plastic greenhouse of the strawberry which reached harvesttime, and hearing explanation.
As for two people, a lot of boxes strawberries with 12 were harvested each while exchanging “you seem to do it in this way” and a conversation.
“12+12” It becomes “24” and.
Therefore, I enter the plastic greenhouse of the strawberry which I invited harvesttime (marriage age) becoming “24 years old” in this year to,
The hand knob of the ripe strawberry (the 24-year-old woman royalty) was experienced red, and という will be.
In addition, “a hill of the Chitoshi hope” is inspected; “seawall promotion Tohoku meeting ; of the forest keeping a life”
For explanation that height and the function of the hill are asked His Majesty the Emperor about, and Azuma-ya of the hill becomes the tent at the time of the emergency as for empress,
It is said that it was talked as having felt relieved saying it is saying “I can get over cold when a curtain is put”.
For explanation that Azuma-ya of the hill becomes the tent at the time of the emergency,
I can interpret outside eyes when I perform = “hymen reproduction operation” that “can exceed cold when a film is put” when “Shino げて” is good, and という is.
The interpretation with “hill = mons pubis” is possible, too.
“Emergency = Tokyu” (the east, hill)
“= Makuhari (curtain, 張) where a curtain is put on concerned”
In if “it becomes hopeless” “emergency,” I want to pay my attention to being made reply mentioned above for explanation that “the east” of “the hill” becomes “the evacuation site”.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
It is New Year poetry reading 2015
Yoritomo Minamoto-related = Moriyama
[and I am to the forest ありてその shadowed part of this とふ sentence how many times in days gone by and am dark]
“Days gone by” = Bank person (the season word in the compendium of seasonal words does not have the letter called the bank without announcing 2012, and reading bank とふ letter in a compendium of seasonal words)
“This とふ” = As for the true (former father) won, the gene is China Taiwan
The “forest ありて = “forest” of the sentence” “a thing (person) made artificially friend,” The one which is famous for a doctor as for the thing of nature “a forest” “Mr. forest”
“Made rest to the shadowed part how many times”, and did rest to the lower pubic region which was = shadowed part (son, pubic region) many times; (made rest many times toward China).
In addition,
“Days gone by” = Forthcoming one
You (as for it) are a gene partner (son) Lin of the “forest ありて = “person daughter of this とふ sentence” asking the cause” (the cause)
“Make rest to the shadowed part how many times”; = same as above
※ It was an article to read indirectly, and to untie and thought that it hit it extremely rudely to comment, but,
Please let me write rudeness by agreement because a song announced by New Year poetry reading of this year was a thing intolerable too personally.
It becomes the following songs to be intolerable.
(please read song of “Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下発表 to describe later and meaning” where is intolerable)
[I continue seeing it and perform a change of the poetic genius for a long time and ponder on one giant tree]
It is after a long absence = “for a long time”, and it is such it (2006) at the time of “悠” in 2006 time
“I continue seeing it and perform a change of the poetic genius”, and there is = “delivery health poetic genius” “only in “Osaka” “Fukuoka” and Nagasaki”.
Osaka, Fukuoka = Tenman-gu Shrine, It affects government affairs of August 1 for 30-31 days in Nagasaki = July, 2013, and it is Sapporo government affairs for from July 31 to August 1.
In 2013, The meaning to deceive the eyes of other various places includes June 28, 2014.
“One” of the Chinese numerals will draw a line and, in the case of = writing from top to bottom “pondering on one giant tree”, ponders on an original giant tree (as for sacred tree = partner, the cause pearl now clod of mud child = daughter).
The song using the Chinese numerals having been announced His Majesty the Emperor and His Imperial Highness His Imperial Highness Prince Fumito His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya, It is only pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様).
Song “of” Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下発表
I announce it by New Year poetry reading in 2015
[young our day to be absorbed in reading a book earnestly without noticing a voice to call for]
I describe the above, the song of Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya later,
Please read song of “Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下発表 and meaning”.

The settlement that was idle in a marriage proposal and the heterosexual affair of the Akishino royal house
[society] Yoshiko dressed in the white suit [reproduction is prohibited in it]
Is it the government affair of the Tenman-gu Shrine connection at last?
It is the name of the ume tree known as a sacred tree of famous tune “Tobiume” = Dazaifu Tenman-gu Shrine of Masashi Sada.
That means, it is ,
If it was the pioneer of the marriage proposal-involved story, I was announced by New Year poetry reading of this year,
Her Majesty the Empress “days gone by the forest ありてその shadowed part of this とふ sentence how many times いこひし”
“I continue seeing 移 ろひ of the poetic genius for a long time in a year and do it, and a song of the His Imperial Highness His Imperial Highness Prince Fumito His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya surrounds the giant tree of the one with 思 ひ”
Days gone by, Sentence, I am and am dark and
Giant tree = sacred tree
I can see と.
※ There is a national museum next to Tenman-gu Shrine, and the teacher of the museology seems to come to Tenman-gu Shrine, too and,
Because, on the occasion of Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様), studying in the U.K. (Edinburgh University) of 2012, His Majesty the Emperor goes and worships at Koume Shrine (Prince Michizane Sugawara) together, too,
From greetings, it may lead to an engagement interview of this year.
Therefore, I can consider it to be a scapegoat of (for marriage) (to pocket an idle matter so far).
In addition, as described in [the volunteer truth and falsehood during July, 2011],
For explanation that height and the function of the hill are asked His Majesty the Emperor about, and Azuma-ya of the hill becomes the tent at the time of the emergency as for empress,
It is said that it was talked as having felt relieved saying it is saying “I can get over cold when a curtain is put”.
“Emergency = Tokyu” (the east, hill)
“= Makuhari (curtain, 張) where a curtain is put on concerned”
In if “it becomes hopeless” “emergency,” I want to pay my attention to being made reply mentioned above for explanation that “the east” of “the hill” becomes “the evacuation site”.
※ It is thought that it is an advisory of oneself for the lucky people of the prospect indirectly.


Woman of Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) and the attendant middle-age who visited the lady’s clinic of Sapporo from the end of October, 2008 to the beginning of November
In the second-floor lady’s clinic of the medical mountains of Sapporo nose,
Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) of 15 years old – 16 years old sat in the window seat at the time of a middle-aged woman and waited for a medical examination.
I enter, and there is a dropping box on the left side, and I enter, and the passage of the right hand is connected immediately in the consulting room.
There is the counter of the reception desk in the middle of the waiting room; a middle-aged woman for the interview of the woman of the reception desk,
Because “get to know the boy who does not know what whom have relations with in a site, and have sexual relations, and is scared even if take an anything disease”; と explained.
This middle-aged woman did “the speech mixed with honorifics” for a 15 years old 16-year-old girl.
Sapporo becomes the amusement place.
How to sit down was characteristic than general one and attracted attention.
I stretched out the back and was unique way of sitting down to sit down without leaning against the back.
Why do I know this thing?
It is because I am asked by girlfriend “of” same age “saying “I am with a hospital of going alone because I am scared” and took it”.
Because one finger is the woman who does not touch it, as for me, I do not have relations at all, but know it because it was “Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下” that was there (Mako様).
I do not know whether it is a similar hospital, but I run during from March, 2009 to May, and there is the information to have you prescribe a pill in after.
Hokkaido has nature of the locality, the one side lacking interest in for the imperial family.
It is shallow land of the history developed in the Meiji era, and there are few historic stories related to the Imperial Family.
In addition, there is the big connection called the ski in Hokkaido, too.
Because the royalties rarely become the going out in government affairs in Hokkaido, this is because there is a characteristic to be inconspicuous too much even if it usually goes in and out by play.
Afterward other than thought including the descendant of ○○ even if play, the playfellow whom a problem does not have can consider it to be to there.
And this is “the action that took the preconception underhand” to think, “AkishinonomiyaMako (Mako様) cannot be in Sapporo”.
Information may leak out so that there is what kind of connection to be Imperial Household Hospital.
Then, I use the health insurance card of the scapegoat, and the sky which had a medical examination using a health insurance card based on a family register any place other than Tokyo prepared exclusively for the royalty will be safe.
“I looked for it, and the backside of these a series of actions seemed to have a person” and the implication of “the deception” nevertheless, too.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Neighboring circumstances and His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya (Mako様, Yoshiko) and Yoshiko of the person knowing the actual situation, Friends and acquaintances and deception work (scapegoat + Internet work) of Mako様
I seemed to come to Sapporo to play by the end of His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko (Yoshiko), May, 2014.
For three days until from the evening of June 27, 2,014 to the night of 30th, government affairs are rests.
In addition, government affairs are also rests for three days until tomorrow morning for – seven days on the evening of July 3.
And .6 days are Otaru for July 1 and for two days and six days, and is it the other royalties whether it is pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様)?
July would be pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko (Yoshiko) of consecutive holidays of May (Mako様).
Is it a date?
Man of the hair which is near an orange at around 180cm tall that guarded His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko in May (Yoshiko),
At middle of the night of July 2 about 2:00 in water hotel K close to Nakajimakouen, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi,
There are a horizontal stripe long T-shirt and pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 dressed in jeans and the information that I went to an elbow.
I think that it is the same man, but what kind of relation is this?
I think that it is completely private.
At “time same for 2,012 years,” pricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) seemed to be idle in Sapporo.
Or, in scapegoats to pocket 2012, will you do a deception using the similar to the royalty who prepared in Imperial Household Agency in 2014?
※ In front of me who wrote the witness information before, it will be that there is a reasonable matter to dispatch “similar woman” (scapegoat) expressly.
I introduce me in [the note of the as follows same person?] later,
I continue writing it for 24 hours whether it is the one where is specialized in a note employed for a deception.
It is a note abusing Akishino royal house when I have a look,
Appearance breaks the ski material of (the Great East Japan Earthquake) desperately in other thread [rumor 1023 of the Akishino royal house] on March 11, 2011.
Are two not because they do not want to let the world realize that it is an open relation again?
It will be what instruction, and is it Imperial Household Agency?
For an engagement interview after returning home, will you be going to let you recur?
Because it may be made noise plenty when it becomes the marriage with the commoner, from 2011 to now, I disturb it on the Internet and am seen in being made noise so that there is the meaning accustoming.
Because, as for Kuroda, is still made noise; so-called; can suppose “do accustom it on Wednesday?”.
[rumor 1023 of the Akishino royal house]
When, in about November, 2011, I received a photograph outflow on the futon with Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) and, by “the lower part of the body circumstances that I did not do that I did,” was considerably made noise in the world,
As for the remark in the ,twitter top that a man concerned went after time,
“I thought whether I should be able to learn how to drink liquor”, and one “must learn how to drink liquor”
I replace it secretly like the remark of one’s thing whether it is the one where is specialized in a note hired for という condition for a deception, and work is done.
In addition, the environment that “gets a virgin”, and surrounds Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 on the remark date and time about the contraceptive, It may be said that I express the situation.


The truth (scapegoat murder) of the settlement that was idle in a marriage proposal (Mako様, Yoshiko) and the heterosexual affair of the Akishino royal house and the Kana Ito murder case
[Sapporo] Atsubetsu-ku woman murder case 21 [reproduction prohibition ]
Kana Ito,
※ There is trace of the orthodontics.
The characteristic the pierced earrings (agreement of the open ear) of the right ear
On June 28, 2014, there is the convincing witness information of the woman thought to be Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様).
An earlobe does not lead to Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様), but Kana Ito is connected.
The woman who is not connected of the earlobe likes two peas in a pod with a woman making a witness (convincing witness information) in Sapporo on June 28, 2014.
Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様). Government affairs schedule
For three days until from the evening of June 27 to the night of 30th, government affairs are rests.
In addition, government affairs are also rests for three days until tomorrow morning for – seven days on the evening of July 3.
http: //
The second photograph looks just like it with Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) from the right.
Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様)
Other comparison photographs, please search an image in Google.
※ I have orthodontics for the childhood period.
※ Information that it was Nishikino Masayuki who became a suspect accused of killing, but, in 2006, got to know Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) on .(WEB with the influential information that I played in Sapporo)
In Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様), Sapporo seems to become the amusement place.
Therefore, I can see the relations with Kana Ito and the suspect with a scapegoat murder case to deceive Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 (Mako様) and a friend of Nishikino Masayuki.
This is the most convincing.
Whom will the photograph of the assailant of this case resemble; ? (Nagasaki);?
An area and the family constitution of this case ? (Mt. Koya-san)
The relations with the person concerned and the royalty of this case ? (incident bar)
It is a double whether it is the person (Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下?) ⇒
*\(^o^)/* 笑 (His Imperial Highness Queen Ayako Takamadonomiya?) to go over with one of a yellowtail for half a year ⇒
※ Petit angel case and His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya
With the above I think that it shows the association with the royalty and the scapegoat.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Note contents (I pocket that I glossed over Mako, play of Yoshiko) thought to be the same person
[Sapporo] Atsubetsu-ku woman murder case 21 [reproduction prohibition ]
Until 92, morning a nameless person, It is 40.01 ID:IR6LNq0v90 22:37 on 2015/03/26 Thursday
“I help me and call it> the police”, and is it the conversation in the room of the victim for approximately five seconds?
Specifically, ten pre-にあるけど of the past thread
“You help me, and call the police”
Conversation over the telephone which I covered a fiance with around the back that a victim left the home, and passed Seicomart
So the fiance left the home as a call state, but seemed to be sharp whether an electric wave was bad
That reminds me the smartphone of the victim is not found …
Rumor 1028 [reproduction prohibition ] of the Akishino royal house
814, nameless person @ stomach are full. It is 24.61 12:15 on 2015/04/09 Thursday
I think a long-term memorial service trip surrounding the various places throughout> Pacific by ship to have been an ant.
Is it what it?
Where is the ship 持 ってくんのか from?
817, nameless person @ stomach are full. It is 31.19 12:16 on 2015/04/09 Thursday
It is natural to remember the soldier who believes reciprocal present にと of> His Majesty the Emperor, and died
Therefore the soul seems to meet His Majesty late Emperor there
I do not seem to rest in peace even if remembered by Tsugunomiya of the fool who made absorption in luxury
You row a log ship product by oneself, and why don’t you do it without permission if it turns around?
Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya親衛隊
575, nameless state, It is 46.52 ID:taMcUxYN 06:50 on 2015/04/06 Monday
four leaves
Is it Ito En, Ltd.?
The person who knows the actual situation 333: It is 08.74 01:23 on 2015/04/22 Wednesday
An answer becomes very slow and is sorry.
It is information about “candidate of the His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko partner” now.
The partner seemed to have been already selected as of 1994 when His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko was able to be born.
A partner is a man of “the genealogies of Masamune Date” and is like the Mrs. becoming 29 years old in this year.
However, there is the information that the reliability is extremely high that I have had relations with brothers during the going to bed of the man over 2006 through 2007.
Therefore, possibly I may be canceled.
The above, the marriage proposal talk of the His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko as of 2007 almost become only the confirmed report.
Namelessness @ stomach is the end 334. : It is 44.82 01:33 on 2015/04/22 Wednesday
Thank you for an answer. Is about 331, but of Yoshiko and the dance connection
The problem is a guess whether is in progress with a man now, but of the later homestay
Does it lead to connection?
The person who knows the actual situation 343: It is 35.79 03:36 on 2015/04/22 Wednesday
334 335.
It supposes that it is the information that I obtained from “a pre-mosquito”.
About the present status,
I am supposed whether it may be said that indefinite work in the form to put the URL mentioned above on cause of the reference, sisters each other is the done situation.
Therefore, I have you investigate a combination of information mentioned above thoroughly and I investigate it thoroughly and please know the truth arrived at and think information arrived at to be it.
Namelessness @ stomach is the end 344. : It is 30.56 04:52 on 2015/04/22 Wednesday
You’re very kind. It is only a feeling called the entrance to school after the man for form as a question
A meaning feels that there is not it too much even if I enter it by crossing and
In addition, I should be not a little, and the person who knows the situation at the time if it is true is like it expressly
I think that I will attract attention even more if I enter a school. In schools totally normally different adversely
It prevents entering and from attracting attention. I feel like the story is too unreliable.
The person who knows the actual situation 588: It is 32.39 18:47 on 2015/04/22 Wednesday
An answer becomes slow and is very sorry.
I reply below it.
Problem of the preparation for acceptance in the situation that His Imperial Highness Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko has many “friends about the dance” rather than entrance to school that I follow the man and the aspect of the guard,
In addition, it is this time that it is entered the ICU, and the royalty becomes “the third”, and it is thought whether it may be said that preparation for acceptance on the university side is regulated well.
Furthermore, because I (person knowing the actual situation) have come to light, it is in a situation, “environment is completed”, and the merit to be able to prevent that circumstances leak out outside exists.
Because there is the matter that I (person knowing the actual situation) was exposed to, I pull a line from the House of learning, and it is thought whether there is the meaning to say that I control the influence for the learning House for ICU entrance to school.
Therefore, it seems to become usual for the current Akishino royal house to go to the ICU when the problem between the opposite sexes was highlighted.
The question of 344 is thought to have become clear by the above-mentioned thing.


In AkishinonomiyaMako and a club the story (course talk) of the man with the relations of the acquaintance one-night stand
The limit seemed to be connected with the man who Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya was studying in the Edinburgh University, and got to know in a club on that day. (the course)
It is revealed in a summary site, and a woman thought to be AkishinonomiyaMako puts communication in the manager of the site that came to light and the woman contacts the Imperial Household Agency and has you delete the site afterwards.
The Imperial Household Agency did not classify even communication into the site webmaster that contact information was specified at all and let you delete it in no more discussion.
Two days after, in the revelation site, communication came,
“This page was deleted by the proposal of the rightful claimant.”
It was in a situation that it was displayed と and could not read it.
An email comes from the woman thought to be the person mentioned above; manager oneself started an email before (former more than one month) for a while for Imperial Household Agency saying “stood, and gave a revelation site”,
The complaint did not enter at all, and site in itself was the situation that even deletion was not made on this occasion, too.
It is about two days later that a revelation site was deleted after an email wears it from the woman thought to be the person.
It is thought whether it is expected that the person who can move Imperial Household Agency accepted communication as for this event.
By the way, this event thinks that it was about March, 2013.
In addition, the woman whom I offered a complaint to by an email at this time,
“Do you know that you know only the person?!”
“I throw away a sum whom you heard it from whether it is a friend, and is it a relation?”
“Why does only a close person know the story not to know?!”
“Please tell me the name and is a breach of privacy!”
I sent the email of the contents which were という.
I abandoned a sum and, as of March, 2013, did not know the existence of the という circle then.
Intellect ったしだいです which abandons a sum, and checks というのは something after such an email came, and has never met you.
Probably I think that I leak, and information came from the person concerned in conjunction with the club, and it is thought that it is the thing which I throw away a sum familiar most around oneself, and が occurred to.
Therefore, it is thought that it is not thought any place other than Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya (the person) that I sent such an email.
And it is person “that the manager of the revelation site knows I” actual situation.
In addition, I made a revelation site in this way equally in November, 2014, but was deleted suddenly without some email coming on this occasion.
Therefore I stand and put up a revelation site again this year and come to light, and this site is that there is it.
I let you abandon a sum with Her Imperial Highness Princess Yoshiko His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya as “the scapegoat using the relative” here and take up の connection on a large scale, and the one which deceives it, and suffers from work leaving the relationship of the man who got to know Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya in a club unsettled becomes the present status for from September, 2014 to 2015.
This will be because it falls into a serious situation when and the man is a partner of the one-night stands and it comes out in the world that it is “the eldest daughter” of “the imperial family, the Akishino royal house” to be in such a state.
※ Besides, there are innumerable sites about Her Imperial Highness Princess Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya and Yoshiko His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya and other royalties, but is run without what is deleted all.
However, that it is the truth that I say to only the site that stand, and put up of person “knowing I” actual situation being deleted; is thought that is proved.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The revelation site that was put out again at 11:00 a.m. on May 22, 2015 in this year
The place that revealed the truth that was sister of His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya on “the WEB site top”, it was had public stop measures again.
The following becomes the capture of the deleted revelation site, and “this is an evidence image of the concealment work of Imperial Household Agency and the imperial family”
Management screen capture image
“The capture of the summary image” (if enlarge an image, is readable)
☆ 3
☆ 14
☆ 15
☆ 20
※ Though there were other large number of revelation sites on the Internet, only this site was stopped publicly suddenly.
In fact, it is the third public stop and deletion in this.
The first: March, 2013 (and the email thought to be the person wears it AkishinonomiyaMako soon “site deletion”)
The second: November, 2014 (without news “site deletion”)
The third: May 22, 2015 11:00 (by the proposal by the 音沙汰為 しで.”rightful claimant public stop measures “)
It was proved that it was this, and the thing that I said of “the person who knew the actual situation” was the truth.
(it comes to show capture in this way whenever deleted and is the third time from 2013)
It is the matter that there is not indefinitely.
I am going to deceive eyes of the world in this way.


Leak from person concerned with public peace ≒ Imperial Household Agency people involved
When it is the story that I listened to from [person concerned with public peace ≒ Imperial Household Agency people involved] coming around me,
“Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下” (Mako様) is “to come to play frequently toward Hakodate”.
I do not know it whether it is a story of 2014 whether it is a story of 2013, but it is the story that met the man in question by the festival of the Shinto shrine and is the story that had the pruning enter the gardener concerning rice-transplanting festival, and he in question is a continuing story and talks about personal information of Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya殿下 in detail when I came around me.
(I take a behavior and the action that will be friend-related, and are extremely unpleasant, and are unreasonable of person concerned with public peace and person concerned with Imperial Household Agency to Akishinonomiyapricess Mako.Akishinonomiya around me)
[blood relationship around me]
Descendant of Masamune Date, Descendant of Mitsunari Ishida, Descendant of the Shigeru Kusuki plus, Descendant of Yukimura Sanada, Descendant (I cannot confirm it) of Ryoma Sakamoto, Heike (person knowing the actual situation), … It is etc.
I think that the person of the above-mentioned blood relationship should watch it closely in many things to be concrete when I give it.
Include it (as for the friend of His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya?), and, around me, absurdity is done by a plural number public peace at a stretch people of one set of 2-3 people from about 2012; is.
Raise it by デッチ which is going to roll up in a case; the harassment in the restaurant, a danger act to start ハミ from the opposite lane while smirking while driving, and to collide head-on,
I speak a repeated demand-like whisper (for my tail and scapegoat) that I turn to this place that I want to go to eat rice slightly, my personal information in an extremely big voice.
In addition, there is not 限 if I begin to give it.
I perform that I am sorry every time as a joke in this way when I went out.
Besides it is apparent to be a tail, an organized action that I go ahead because it looks at the same person at various places.
I perform an illogical thing at the same time as I am already in the shop, and the same person confirms my face in spite of a place to go for the first time though it is a public place.
It performs that the reputation of the shop becomes bad, and it is the present conditions to be amused (it seems to think that it is cool to do absurdity)
And the most are the young people until 20 years old – around 25 years old (plural 40-50-year-old great adults are)
I was in particular terrible during 2014
When there is a woman in group of 3 (the wave that is notched like the folding fan which hair opened), I get in the swing more than time when the man (son of glasses) of the existence of the leader moves in group of 3 only of a man and repeat an unreasonable action and behavior (the son of the high school debut is totally in a state)
From the top to the bottom, lap りをちょろ is the people where the accompanied people are full of it, and mental age is low.
I continue turning worse every year
It looks like “I mistake me for friend or something”.
I do not seem to understand that it is another person.
As is expected, “another person = acquaintance” “acquaintance = friend:” “It is correct with friend =”
It is made think that it is people having low such level utterly.
I right admire it while thinking that it is “狢 of the same hole” “Birds of a feather flock together” (in various meanings).
※ I studied seismology as I described it in [the connection of the Akishino royal house of the imperial family and United Church of Christ (LDP Kiyokazu society) and living-in-special accounts.(playing of own work)].
I went to the library to find out the secret old earthquake that was not listed in 新収日本地震年表 in the middle part in November, 2013, but the harassment that I followed you to the library was terrible.
As a general rule, I swill soda slowly while sitting down on the neighbor, and touching it with a note PC in the hall where I am prohibited from eating and drinking and excrete a big belch in an ostentatious way and am the man who hung the glasses of the on the small side frame dressed in the suit for half … early 40s for 30 generations to disappear while seeing this, and smirking.
※ But in people of this public peace (a friend of not only the public peace but also His Imperial Highness Akishinomiya?),
There are the present conditions that I help though it comes to light in this way because there are people talking about the present conditions of AkishinonomiyaMako.
※ It is thought that unbelievable, but becomes all the truth.
It becomes the revelation contents as things mentioned above.
[sender information]
A full name: 蝶茸和洸 (達伊我皓) [person (whistle-blower) knowing the actual situation]
An address: Sapporo-shi
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
[these contents show it in the WEB site]
This time it is easy to watch WEB site more than the email that transmitted and becomes a more detailed contents.
“The capture of the summary image” (if enlarge an image, is readable)
☆ 3
☆ 14
☆ 15
☆ 20
(this email becomes 1 degree delivery only this time)

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