NARCIS is a novel set in the late part of the 21st century, after an unspecified catastrophic event.  The novel was inspired by a vision of my friend, the late Jan Groneberg, which he shared with me in the 1970s.

A large government-run digital Archive, in the desert of New Mexico.

Purpose of the Archive, and the giant computer housing it,  is to make animal research obsolete.  Instead, any hypothesis can be tested by running the text formulating it through a Truth Filter.   This filter passes only statements that are consistent with all existing knowledge.

The scientista and programmers are living in communes, in large tents pitched in the plain below the hill where the buildings of the digital Archive are located.

Music-loving man-sized cockroaches are wandering through the desert.

We see the unfolding story which includes sabotage and murder trough the eyes of a postdoctoral student, who was raised at in the Boston area, and who is trying to get his footing in this difficult terrain.