Infamous December 19, 2016

On this infamous Monday, crooked Donald will be elected Crooked President of the United States by a crooked procedure that has its roots in the compromise between states that depended on slavery for their economic livelihood and states that did not.

As Paul Krugman notes in today’s column, the very survival of democratic institutions is jeopardized when people that do not adhere to common norms, which have been taken for granted since the republic’s foundation, acquire power and surround themselves by like-minded. Krugman invokes (again, as many before him, but never with such force of conviction) the transformation of the Roman republic to the Roman Empire, which involved no formal change of constitution, but a corruption of every single letter of it.

So there are liberals, stunned by the recent election, who want to work toward 2018 to get State governments elected that can change the misshapen gerrymandered boundaries of congressional districts, toward fairer representation in 2020. To them I say good luck; they will be outpaced by radical changes introduced on a daily basis by the enemies of fairness who are taking power through the ratification of the election today.

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