Humanity, and the lack of it

I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been busy.  But what interrupted the flow was a series of hacking attacks, which destroyed a number of posts and left me feeling violated, like after a robbery.  It got so bad that I could not login to this site for fear of seeing more damage every day.  The feeling amplified the sensation of the world coming apart at its seams, by the sudden reign of a chaotic feeble mind who lacks basic humanity.  A taxi driver from Sudan who took us back to Union station in DC past weekend was a  sharp contrast — I felt the world would be much safer if placed into his hands than Trump’s.  That taxi driver, overhearing me talk to my wife about my stomach problems, said several times how sorry he was about my plight.  He gave me a can of yogurt as a remedy.  He kept offering me more: a bottle of water, an orange, but I just kept the yogurt.  He told us how ashamed America should be about such a man in the White House.

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