Henry Kissinger

Whenever I see his name, whenever I see his face, I become incensed. He, the engineer of the old world order, who used bombing as primary tool.

For people who have not been around: On his advice the US bombed Cambodia, a country whose main offense was the fact that it had a long border with Vietnam, so it could be used for excursions by the Vietcong — the freedom fighters of Vietnam.

In a recent article Henry opened his croaky mouth one again, in a voice trembling with world-leader wisdom. And what does he have to say? He sees the imagined world order crumble.

No kidding!

In other words, he still seems to believe that there was a time when the world was in harmony. That is, the harmony it had been bombed in.

We are in dire need of a new world order. An order that is based on the needs of people, not on the schemes of Machiavellian operatives who belong to the 19th Century.

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