Hackers and Suckers

So let’s see: Obama did not want to politicize the White House by involving it in the election, so he did not ring the bell when Russia blatantly interfered with this same election, an act of much more significance (as it appears to me) than Watergate. I’m trying to understand the thinking process that went on in arriving at this important decision, but I fail. There is an obvious difference between partisanship and National Interest that even Republicans recognize (even if they don’t ever admit it). Was it the appearance of siding with Hillary that made him decide to keep quiet? In that case, would he have spoken up if the Russian hackers would have released e-mails hacked from the GOP instead?

Overall I’m missing the outrage. In a country treasuring their system of government, people would be on the streets by now. The apathy they show, just as the apathy reflected by the turnout in the recent election, means that they have no idea what they are gambling away.

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