Gravitational Waves

The whole space shivers — how can we maintain our composure, thinking of our whole body contracting and dilating every which way by a fraction of the diameter of a proton? Not that we or our friends would notice it, but it is the idea that counts: that our very dimensions are changed by an event a billion light years away.

Fabric of space-time, they call it, all those science-journalists, and the word conjures an awesome mystic tapestry filling out all we know, woven by God herself in (I suppose) six days.

Looking through the Rev. Physics article published on February 12, 2016, the one with 1,000 authors hidden at the end of the paper since no reader today has the patience to look at all the credits first, I don’t find a single mention of “fabric” and “space-time.”

But the idea that everything around us is distorted and that everything we see pulsates like objects we see on LSD trips will stay with me forever.

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