Decapitation emerges as a theme of the chaotic world we live in.

In Games of Thrones the act of decapitating is liberally pursued; entire fences are shown stacked with heads whose contorted faces give us nightmares. A copycat act in France resulted in the head of a Frenchman spiked on a fence.

ISIS has used social networking tools to show us videos of decapitations, in propagation of the ultimate of terror.

And now, through the act of infamous Dr. Palmer the dentist we are reminded that the decapitation of wild animals in Africa, for the purpose of securing a trophy, is still going on even though they are becoming extint, even though we see the entire planet go in tatters.

The tears we might have shed at one time have all dried up. What is needed is an uproar (yes, like a lion) of voices, of actions, to restore a world we can all live in.

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