Bush’s Legacy

When we shudder at the atrocities inflicted by ISIS, as deeds that transgress every notion of decent human behavior, we must think back at our own contribution to the deterioration of mores, under George W. Bush. We have to remind ourselves of Abu Ghraib, and the justification of torture as a means to extort information from a captive. Once torture is accepted, it is legitimized, and the torturer loses his moral ground for condemning others for similar crimes. Watch Passengers (2016)

My point is that Bush’s instigating or at least condoning torture has contributed to the floodgates of horror we are witnessing now. He, and Dick Cheney, and the infamous Professor Yoo who now teaches at UC Berkeley have managed to destroy the claim of our society on civility and civilization. Claims that are so shaky will be laughed at, or righty ignored, breeding further deterioration.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld destroyed America’s standing in the world. Luckily memories are short and we can rebuild our reputation. Thanks.

    Donald Wolford

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