is a German-born scientist and writer, since 1975 in Albany, New York. He recently (2008) moved to New York City. Joachim took writing classes with William Kennedy, Steven Millhauser, Eugene Garber, and Jayne Ann Philipps. He has published several short stories and prose poems in Lost and Found Times, The Agent, Inkblot, Heidelberg Review, Groundswell, Peer Glass, and Open Mic, all print. He wrote three novels, still unpublished. Some of his poems have appeared in the online journals Offcourse and Raving Dove. Several pieces of fiction (short stories and flash fiction) have been published online, by elimae, 3711 Atlantic, Cezanne’s Carrot, Brilliant, Ghoti Magazine, Eclectica, The Noneuclidean Cafe, Offcourse, Hamilton Stone Review, Bartleby’s Snopes, The Duck and Herring Pocket Field Guide, the NewerYork, Litbomb, and Fiction Fix. Three portfolios of his photographs can be found at Pedro Meyer’s international photogallery Some of the published pieces can be found by clicking on “Published.”